Sebastian Bierings, founder and director, is an international floral-designer who was born in The Netherlands and started his first Flower-shop at the age of 22. After 5 years he recieved assignments from different companies and this gave him the opportunity to gain his global experience. Ambition and attracted by ‘la dolce vita’ has brought him to Italy, to the internationally oriented cities Rome and Florence. His love and passion for flowers and nature are evident from his enthusiasm, personal and professional approach. His specialties are floral art, styling projects, event decorations and tradeshow presentations. Sebastian is able to create breathtaking, unique and memorable floral-installations. In the past 20 years he has developed an international client base that includes royalty, businesses, hotels and celebrities. (Photo: Max Intrisano)


Frank uit het Broek, Creative Director, was born in The Netherlands and started as an Art teacher at the age of 23. Besides teaching he founded his company DECORUM for Arts and Decors. For more then 20 years his experience was build on making decors for television, designs for interiors and concepts for events. In his spare time he works on his collections of paintings and sculpture. His love for Art and his passion for design became in harmony with Sebastians’ expertise for Floral-Art. The attractive Italian lifestyle, Rome and Florence as an eternal source of inspiration made them to choose these locations for their common shops. Since 2006 Sebastian and Frank work closely together and have been given the chance to create for clients of the fashion- and movie-industry, international companies, private residences and for luxury hotels worldwide. (Photo: Max Intrisano)