Flowers for your dream Italian wedding
Imagine having the Italian wedding of your dreams; the delicate perfume of flowers drifting around you and your loved ones while you seem to float blissfully on sun kissed air. Every corner of your Italian wedding is bursting with a sort of exclusive romance, the flowers creating an enchanting setting that mirrors your rapture. The ambiance of Italy surrounds you and your guests in idyllic warmth and lends an extra note of sophisticated purity to your distinctive event. This will be the day of all days and everyone will be talking about this occasion for years to come.
Why Italy?
The romance of Italy is incomparable. Famous for it’s sumptuous food and breathtaking vistas, Italy has a charm that will make an enchanting backdrop for your Italian wedding. Picture Rome in the spring with new flowers beginning to burst out all over the city, lending extra grace and elegance to the historical landmarks, and your Italian wedding. Or partake of the Sicilian dolce vita and host your event in Taormina. Exhilarating cliffs dropping off to sandy coves and panoramic terraces overlooking the sea make Taormina spectacularly situated. And if you’re looking for a truly elite experience, you can drape yourself in the elegance of Florence with its plethora of medieval palaces, Renaissance cathedrals and world-class art. Sebastian and Frank draw inspiration from the most majestic of Italy’s sites and regions to create unrivaled multi-sensory experiences.
Make this the Italian wedding of your dreams
Once you’ve chosen your location, every preceding detail of your Italian wedding should be thoughtfully attended to. The personalized service of Sebastian Flowers will ensure that your Italian wedding gets the fairy tale treatment it deserves. Firstly, Sebastian and Frank will record all your wishes during a private consultation. Next, they will create a floral design intuitively customized to your vision. Your flowers will be delivered with the utmost of care, timeliness and precision and every bouquet will be lovingly attended to with your exact wishes in mind. Sebastian Flowers will be your wedding planner’s best link and working behind the scenes, will ensure that your celebration is flawless, unforgettable and pure enjoyment.
Enjoy your day
When you arrive at your venue on the big day, you’ll be delighted to find that every single detail has been taken care of. Your happiness will be complete and you will be free to shine amidst the glory of your Italian wedding vision.

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